Altamira-738206600-largeIn 1879, an amateur archaeologist Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola (Antonio Banderas) and his 8 year old daughter, Maria, discovered in Cantabria one of the most important prehistoric works of history: the paintings of Altamira. Far from providing honor and glory, his dazzling contribution to history however confronted him with the Catholic Church, and with indifference and scorn of the scientific community of the time. Despite his efforts to prove the veracity of the discovery, Sautuola was accused of forgery. Over the years and overcome by evidence, Cartailhac Mea Culpa published the text of a Skeptic, which acknowledged the finding and its global importance, but the text was late to return the honor of Marcelino. Altamira is a story of struggle, courage, passion for history, for art and for the defense of truth and honor. (filmaffinity). We have collaborated with costume designer Consolata Boyle.