Costume rental company in Madrid

Costume rental company

Peris Costumes is a clothing rental and manufacturing company in Madrid (Spain), that is in the process of expansion. Its effort, talent, innovation and economic investment, aims to make it the leader in its sector in the coming years.

We have more than one million garments , from all historical periods, stock that costume designers can access through our open door policy. In addition, our facilities have large fitting rooms, expert advice, and if you need more, we will try and get if for you.

We apply the most modern, innovative manufacturing technologies, organisation and communication, while respecting the tradition and experience inherited by one of the oldest companies in the world (1856).

We are tailoring the 21st century and we are proud of it.

Costume rental company in Spain

Why work with Peris Costumes?

  • For the amount of our stock and variety of garments: We currently have over a million items, and add new outfits every day from all periods. We have made a significant investment in wardrobe buying large European and American productions, and our stock of uniforms (civilian and military) is especially important coving the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Recently we added to our stock, clothing from the Anahory era (the oldest tailors in Lisbon), and continue to add vintage clothing such as Chez Sarah, Robin Clayton, Adored Vintage and Butstledress.
  • For our flexibility: we do not take anything for granted, we learn, rectify our mistakes and look to the future, and thanks to our agile, dynamic structure, we are extremely flexible.
  • For significant cost savings: Thanks to innovative work processes and storage that we have implemented, and a flexible rental system, we can offer very competitive prices without you having to give up anything. More expensive is not always better.
  • For the experience. A team of store consultants and professionals in tailoring, procurement specialists and special searches, among others, provide their experience for your production. We also have the experience of 25 years of Maria Gonzaga workshop, a significant benefit for our customers
  • For the facilities: 10,000 m2 with very comfortable, practical spaces, equipped with the latest technology, which are perfectly accessible thanks to our open door policy.

Our national and international manufacturing capability, our stock, and our capitalisation allow us to tackle any national or international project. Put us to the test!