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Budapest, capital city of Hungary welcomes the best of the world water sports in FINA 2017 from 14th to 30th of July.

The opening ceremony took place on the evening of Friday 14th on a floating stage over the Danubio River .

The Danubio divide the city into two parts; showing to the word the beauty of the city. The size of the stage was similar to three football camps.

During the event the organization offered images from the history of the city and the relationship with the water.

Peris cooperated with the wardrobe for several parts of the spectacular performance. Actors, professional dancers, musicians and students participated in the show .

The organization confirmed 2000 wardrobe pieces, 40 drones , 510 artists, 220 voluntiers , Staring CeeLO Green the Rap Music Artist . The end of the ceremony was a big, bright light show and the fireworks closed the event.

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