Saddlery and all kind of leather crafts

We have incorporated in our team two of the most renowned experts in leather handicrafts in Europe: Estrella Caballero and Fernando Santamaría.
The impressive list of articles they make, difficult to elaborate because of its extent and variety includes, among many others:

  • Making: armors, breastplates, helmets, boots, coat of arms, sword cases, corsets, trunk lining, wallets or orthopedic garments.
  • Cavalry action: mounts, hooks or harnesses.
  • Items for bullfighters: foundries for stocks, hatcheries.
  • Surprising leather applications such as seats and saddlebags for Custom motorbikes model.

Estrella and Fernando have participated in the production of items for numerous Spanish and international films and series such as THE LAST SAMURAI, GLADIATOR, PRINCE OF PERSIA, KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, ALATRISTE, VICKINGS, ÁGUILA ROJA, ISABEL or the long awaited series to be released this year’s STILL STAR CROSSED.